英语励志短篇文章(英语励志小段文 坚持)


Insist,just like a person walking alone in the desert of Hanguang,scorching sun,can not see a little hope,but have to go on.


Insisted for a long time,but now found himself really fast adhere to not go on,young dream,like a mirror,has not touched


I chose psychology because it can get closer to my dream.As a result,I gave up medicine despite the

obstruction of my family.What I gave up is my parents'ideal and persistence.My family paved a good road enough

to make a lot of people Yin envy,ordinary and real.


Sometimes I think my dream is closer to idealization or dreamization,and I gradually feel that everything

can be realized as long as I stick to it,but now it is very difficult to stick to it.Young dream is my own Eden,

it is not gorgeous,not romantic,not warm,and even Eden is full of thorns.Because my garden of Eden is

not planted with pink roses and purple lavender.But those thorns let my heart is free,pure as a child's



Suddenly remember that once there was a person like to call me pure,then I was really naive

and stubborn.Life is like crossing a river,pure name when I crossed the river,has been lost in the other

side,when I turn back to find,just found that crossing the river is unable to turn back.

The dream in my heart is an invisible belief.When I raise my head for too long,my neck will be very tired and tired,and

even my eyes will be dazzling.I cannot see the faith that I have always insisted on,and I can not find the way forward.



The pace began to heavy,the heart began to doubt,faith is really worthless,just like the trevi Fountain there is no magic,but you believe,will adhere to the pace of progress,so that the rapid appreciation of faith.But few stick it out The heart has mottled,the reality is too cruel,stained with blood soaked the dream of hua yi.Perhaps I really. should go to motuo,that in my heart forever so holy lotus land. The place where the lotus blossoms,the pilgrim's paradise.I should go there for once,not to worship,but to touch my soul.Xizang that large swathes of Gesang flowers are also quick to open, known as the flower of happiness but poison.

There is a path in the heart,hidden behind the gorgeous Gesang,which leads to Motuo.

No huan if see the feeling of pity,figure will be desolate and alienated,but more than a desire.

Adhere to the footsteps of the dream,even if there is really no oasis,the heart should be calm.Still can not let go of those young dreams,but there is no reason to adhere to,maybe it is really to go to motuo,for their own adhere to find a real reason,and then have enough courage to continue to go down…..